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WILESCO Steam Engine Online Shop

Wilesco steam engines embody our fascination with motor power.
You can find stationary and mobile steam engines in Wilesco’s Steam Engine Online Shop.
Have a peek at our model of the Stirling engine, marine steam engines, or our wide range of motorised Wilesco steam engines. All the accessories and spare parts that you could need for Wilesco steam engines can also be found in our online shop. We offer you the largest selection of original Wilesco spare parts on the web.

Alongside our most popular models, the D10 Wilesco steam engine and the D14 Wilesco steam engine, you can also find reasonably priced beginner models, such as our D2 model steam engine.
Our motorised model steam engines allow anyone to get an insight into how steam-powered labour works. The fascination with these little yet powerful engines is showing no sign of slowing down.
Alongside Wilesco steam engines and driven models, we also offer nostalgic tin toys in our Wilesco Steam Engine Online Shop. The tin toys  work even without the power of a steam engine, either with springs or a wind-up mechanism.