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A325 Platform trailer for steam lorry D320


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Wilesco A325 Platform trailer

The A325 trailer is specifically designed for use with the D320 steam truck and significantly increases its transport capacity. The flatbed trailer has a sturdy construction made of high-quality materials and is capable of safely transporting heavy loads. With a length of almost half that of the D320 truck, the total length of the combination almost doubles. This makes the A325 trailer a valuable addition for use in field and country. The truck can be moved effortlessly and is capable of traveling over rough terrain. The A325 trailer is equipped with a flatbed that can be easily loaded and unloaded. It also has a sturdy drawbar that provides additional stability. Overall, the A325 trailer is a practical addition to the D320 steam truck that significantly increases its transport capacity and makes work easier.


D320 Steam lorry

At call, delivery 2 - 4 days
Canvas Cover for A 325
Heating: Witabs

At call, delivery 2 - 4 days


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